Venescape Lda

Venescape Lda, Values


Product Quality


We aim to assure that our products quality is exactly the one that satisfies our costumers

We assure the quality of our products through a three steps method:

  • Before production – insuring the raw material quality, that all necessary components and operations are perfectly defined, that every tolerances and quality controls are known.
  • During production – doing the predefined self-controls, intermediate controls and final controls.
  • After production – monitoring all the new products and making sure all warranty claims are understood.


Fabriscape offers a 24 moths warranty.

Learning and training

We do our best effort to ensure our collaborators understand the correct behaviours and practices.
We stimulate our collaborators to constantly improve their competences by taking advantage of the various training programs and demanding their rights for studying or training


  • We always aim to offer products that respect the original systems characteristics in order to assure the maintenance of the vehicles working specifications.
  • We assure that all the potentially harmful wastes are treated in a responsible way by specialised entities.
  • We aim to inform our costumers and the public in general about the importance of keeping well tuned vehicles and exhaust systems in reducing the toxic emissions.

Human Resources

  • We offer our collaborators a safe and comfortable working enviornement.
  • We encourage our collaborators to develop their carriers and qualifications through learning and training programs.
  • We encourage our collaborators to improve their life conditions in a close proportion to the company’s profitability.