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Product Quality*

Improved product quality is ensured by a three-step method:​

  1. Prior to production, this verifies the quality of the raw materials, thoroughly identifying all the components and operations, defining quality control and tolerance levels;

  2. During production, undertaking the previously defined self-control, intermediate controls and final control procedures;

  3. Following production, accompanying the performance of the first product runs and physically analysing all the guarantees in conjunction with assistance from the commercial team.

*The quality of our product is that which meets the expectations of our clients.


Venescape provides all of its products with a total 24-month guarantee.



The percentage of guarantees invoked in relation to the sales volume stands at 0.20% while the rate at which some technical justification was encountered stands at 0.14%.


It places the emphasis on questions interrelated with:

  • Culture and reality of the company, especially as regards product quality and productivity and eliminating wastes.

  • Constant updating in relation to the ongoing technological evolution in this sector.


  • We always seek to provide products with the same performance as the originals, with the objective of not altering the functional specifications, ensuring the maintenance of their respective terms of approval.

  • We responsibly dispose of the few toxic wastes we produce.

  • We seek to convey to our clients the importance of efficiently operating exhaust systems.

Human Resources 

  • We provide a safe, healthy and comfortably working environment to our members of staff in conjunction with the training necessary to produce with quality and efficiency.​

  • We encourage our employees to develop their careers and improve their standards of living in proportion to the profitability of the company.

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